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About Us

We are a family support system who believes in working with women and adolescent girls to maintain and improve their relationships, mental health, coping skills and interaction with each other and their community.
We provide vital tools and resources to improve effective communication and understanding, thus strengthening the structure and dynamics of the relationships.


We provide comprehensive services via zoom and in-person, which include guest speakers, activities, and outings. We also empower women and girls to be the best version of themselves.

We believe counseling and mentorship is a necessity for women and youth who are challenged with life stressors as life will most certainly involve bumps and bruises. Whether proactively approaching challenges or aggressively treating them, Queendom Connections, Inc. provides direction to empower women and girls to connect with their inner strength and develop better coping skills while obtaining resources necessary to withstand any of life's transitions. Whether it be a listening ear, a calming voice, or best practice interventions, Queendom Connections, Inc. will provide what is needed.

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